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Vol. 9, Special Issue 4 (2020)

Attributes of tribal paddy growers using eco-friendly practices in Mandla district, Madhya Pradesh

Varsha Upadhyay, NK Khare and Seema Naberia
Modern agriculture has been successful in meeting the increased needs of population, but the problems associated with it are high cost of external inputs, destruction of natural eco- systems and stagnated yield levels. Hence the current thrust is on eco-friendly farm technologies, whose objective is to minimize the use of external inputs to prevent degradation of eco-system. The study was undertaken to know the attributes of the tribal paddy growers using eco-friendly practices. Total three blocks from tribal dominated Mandla district were selected for the study. A sample of 300 respondents was prepared for the investigation. The study revealed that out of the total, maximum tribal farmers found under middle age group, educated up to middle school, belonged to joint family, possessed small land holding, had farming experience up to 20 years, low social participation, had farming as occupation, medium material possession low annual income and farm power. The communicational and psychological attributes i.e. extension participation, scientific orientation, mass media exposure, risk orientation were observed low, while utilization of information source, decision making ability, innovativeness were found medium. More than forty percent tribal paddy farmers had favorable attitude and high knowledge of eco-friendly practices of paddy crop
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Varsha Upadhyay, NK Khare and Seema Naberia. Attributes of tribal paddy growers using eco-friendly practices in Mandla district, Madhya Pradesh. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2020; 9(4S): 160-163.
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