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Vol. 9, Special Issue 4 (2020)

Physical and tactile properties of woven textile textures from plant and agro-waste materials

Lalita Rani and Kanwaljit Brar
The present study was undertaken to address the issues of plant and agro-waste utilization to the benefit of mankind. The ultimate aim of plant and agro-waste management is to make the best utilization through useful product development on one hand and control the pollution on the other. Development of textile textures from plant and agro-waste may partially help in addressing to this problem, in addition to providing self-employment through entrepreneurship development in related products. The selected wheat and paddy straws and date palm leaves were examined for their physical parameters. The wheat straw at internode N3 showed highest thickness 0.48mm. The higher diameter of the N3 and N2 internode was observed (4.30mm and 3.34mm). The N1 had maximum length 33.4 cm. The higher diameter of paddy straw internode N3 (4.08mm) was observed compared to N4 internode (3.38mm). N1 showed maximum length (39.2 cm) followed by 22.54 cm, 15.12 cm and 8.8 cm length of N2, N3 and N4, respectively. Paddy straws N3 and N4 were used. The higher thickness of date palm RL4 and RL1 (0.30mm and 0.29mm) was observed compared to RL3 and RL2 (0.26mm and 0.19mm). The width of date palm leaves of RL1 and RL4 ranged between 0.17 cm-1.04 cm and 0.16 cm-1.08 cm, respectively. RL4 showed maximum length (30.40 cm) followed by 30.26 cm length of RL1 of date palm leaf. The weight (GSM) of PSP1 (paddy straw × polyester), WSP2 (wheat straw × polyester) and DPP3 (date palm leaves straw × polyester) was 276.00 g/m2, 199.90 g/m2 and 186.00 g/m2, respectively. Thus, woven texture PSP1 had highest weight (276.00 g/m2). Thickness of DPP3 was minimum (0.990mm), while thickness of PSP1 was highest (1.521mm). These woven textures were found suitable for various end-uses such as coaster plates, bags, purses, file cover, mats, small window curtains, baskets, containers and trays.
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Lalita Rani and Kanwaljit Brar. Physical and tactile properties of woven textile textures from plant and agro-waste materials. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2020; 9(4S): 104-109.
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