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Vol. 9, Special Issue 4 (2020)

Post-Lambing behaviour of Muzzafarnagri Ewes and Lamb

B Singh, PS Pramanik, KD Singh, J Singh, VN Gupta, P Gautam and G Pandey
The post-parturient behaviour of 10 Muzzafarnagri ewes were observed at Livestock Farm Complex, A.N.D.U.A.T., Kumarganj, Ayodhya. All the ewes, in most of the cases, the lamb appeared at vulva whilst the ewes were in recumbent position. In most of the lambing the presentation of foetus was anterior (about 75%). Post lambing behaviour of ewes seen important in establishing of mother-neonate bond to accept or reject of the lambs by ewes. Most of the ewes initiated licking immediately after parturition. The duration of licking and grooming behaviour up to 6 hr post lambing was 24.6±1.28 min., complete expulsion of placenta after birth of lamb was 113.3 ± 4.30 min. There was no case of any dystocia found in Muzzafarnagri ewes. During after birth process the maternal orientation of ewes toward lambs were anterior (70%) and posterior (30%). Maternal rejection was observed 10% in relation to ewes after lambing and 90% ewes accepted their lambs. Placentophagia was absent in Muzzafarnagri ewes. The average time taken in delivery of foetus from anterior to posterior or posterior to anterior was 2.25±0.26 min. The total duration of resting up to 6 hr post lambing was 114.6 ± 4.31 min. The lamb started attempt to stand 4.08 ± 0.34 min after birth. The lambs made 9.42 ± 0.45 numbers of attempts to stand after birth. The average time taken by lambs to first stand was 25.75 ± 0.51 min after birth. Most of the lamb (75%) showed preferences of left teat for their first suckle and about 25% lamb preferred right teat for their first suckle.
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B Singh, PS Pramanik, KD Singh, J Singh, VN Gupta, P Gautam and G Pandey. Post-Lambing behaviour of Muzzafarnagri Ewes and Lamb. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2020; 9(4S): 18-22.

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