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Vol. 9, Special Issue 12 (2020)

Economic impact of cultivation of nutririch crop varieties by Soliga farmers at MM Hills of Karnataka

Uma MS and Usha Ravindra
The study was conducted in different Soliga villages of MM Hills of Karnataka for the economic impact of transfer of technology of improved varieties of nutririch crops. A scientific understanding on the nutritional importance of nutririch crops with Soliga tribal people to promote its cultivation as pure/mixed crop and to prepare nutritive value added products. There was a great opportunity to increase the area under nutritional crops in addition to replacing existing local varieties with improved varieties. The seeds of new varieties of nutritional crops Ragi, Cowpea, Amaranthus, Little millet, Fixtail millet (Navane), Sunflower and Paustic rice developed by UAS, Bangalore were distributed to tribal farmers. Farmers were trained in the cultivation and selection of the varieties through participatory approach and value addition of nutririch crops. Soliga farmers selected best varieties for their use through participatory approach and reduced their cost of production by utilizing the waste/by-product of one component as input to the other component judiciously. As a result, generated the sufficient employment, enhanced the production, productivity, income and improved the livelihood security.
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Uma MS and Usha Ravindra. Economic impact of cultivation of nutririch crop varieties by Soliga farmers at MM Hills of Karnataka. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2020; 9(12S): 101-104.
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