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Vol. 9, Special Issue 11 (2020)

Snake bite in bullocks: A case report

Dr. Naresh Chandra, Dr. AK Soni and Dr. RP Singh
Two bullocks were presented for necropsy at district chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh with a history of snake bite. A thorough necropsy was conducted and mucous membranes, eyes, tongue and all the visceral organs were observed grossly. The gross pathological observations in the present case of snake bite are in consonance with the pathological changes reported earlier in viper bites where hemolysis, myonecrosis, coagulopathy, nephrotoxicity, vasculitis, severe internal hemorrhages, thomboembolism, myocardial necrosis, damage to vasculature causing increased permeability, subcutaneous edema, pansystemicechymotic hemorrhages, shock and death.
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Dr. Naresh Chandra, Dr. AK Soni and Dr. RP Singh. Snake bite in bullocks: A case report. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2020; 9(11S): 10-14.
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