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Vol. 12, Issue 5 (2023)

A review on: Impact of processing on nutritional and antinutritional factors of moth bean

Shradha Srivastava
Moth bean (Vigna aconitifolia) is a legume crop grown primarily in India and other parts of Asia. While it is a good source of protein, fiber, and other nutrients, it also contains anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) that can inhibit nutrient absorption and cause health problems in humans and animals. Processing techniques such as soaking, boiling, gemmation, fermentation, and roasting have been shown to reduce or eliminate these ANFs, making moth bean a more nutritionally valuable food. This review article summarizes the current state of knowledge regarding the effects of processing on the ANFS in moth bean, including phytic acid, tannins, protease inhibitors, and lectins. It also discusses the potential health benefits of consuming processed moth beau, as well as future research directions in this field Further studies should be conducted to investigate the effects of processing on the bioavailability of nutrients in moth bean such as iron, zinc, and calcium. This will help determine the most effective processing methods for maximizing the nutritional value of the crop. Also to determine the optimal processing conditions for each processing method in order to achieve maximum reduction in NFS while preserving the sensory and nutritional qualities of the crop. Long-term studies are needed to evaluate the health outcomes of consuming processed moth bean in different populations, particularly those at risk of micro nutrient deficiencies or chronic diseases. Also needs to explore the potential of using moth bean as a functional food ingredient, given its unique nutritional profile and Finally, research should be conducted to develop sustainable and efficient processing methods that can be adopted by small-scale farmers in developing countries where moth bean is a essential crop, to ensure its safe consumption and potential health benefits, contribute to food security.
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Shradha Srivastava. A review on: Impact of processing on nutritional and antinutritional factors of moth bean. Pharma Innovation 2023;12(5):59-64.
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