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Vol. 12, Issue 4 (2023)

Characterization of fig rhizospheric bacteria

Kshama G Deshpande, Nilesh S Chavan and Shubhum S Pandit
The experiment was conducted for the isolation and characterization of fig rhizospheric bacteria and its potential as plant growth promoting rhizobacteria was assessed. The fig was supposed to have attacked with bacterial diseases. The purpose of this experiment is to control the bacterial diseases of fig by using the antagonistic actions of the rhizospheric bacteria. The fig rhizospheric bacteria were isolated from the soil. Four isolates from soil were selected. The selective media such as Kings B, Ashbys media, Pikoviaskos media and Zinc solubalizing media were used for this isolation to get the desired bacteria. They were characterized by morphological, biochemical and genetic characters. Three gram negative motile rods were found which were able to produce catalase, nitrate reductase, cellulase and urease enzyme and Indole acetic acid. This was confirmed by using various tests. Only one isolate was found nonmotile and lacking the catalase enzyme. The bacterial isolates were further subjected for the genomic DNA analysis and its purity was checked. The PCR and gel electrophoresis results and banding pattern showed that the isolate C3 was found diversity over rest of the other isolates. Among the four isolates isolate C2 and C3 were found to have better purity (1.93). From the obtained results It can be indicated that three isolates C1, C3 and C4 were found to have much resemblance with the Pseudomonas species from fig rhizosphere.
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Kshama G Deshpande, Nilesh S Chavan, Shubhum S Pandit. Characterization of fig rhizospheric bacteria. Pharma Innovation 2023;12(4):33-38.

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