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Vol. 12, Issue 3 (2023)

Dealers outlook and marketing status of Bt cotton seed companies in Banaskantha district

Laxmi Rani Dubeya, Uttamkumar C Sundesha, Mahin Sharifc and Umang B Patel
Cotton is the most important commercial crop of our country contributing up to 75% of total raw material needs of textile industry and provides employment to about 60 million people. Bt cotton is a genetically modified cotton crop that expresses an insecticidal protein whose gene has been derived from a soil bacterium called Bacillus thuringiensis, commonly referred to as Bt. The present study aimed to analyse the dealers outlook and marketing status of Bt cotton seed companies. The study has been undertaken in Deodar, Kankrej, Bhabhar and Deesa talukas of Banaskantha district, as all four talukas have higher area under Bt cotton cultivation. The multistage random sampling technique was adopted to select the districts, talukas and villages. The study was mainly based on primary data, which was collected with the help of structured schedule through personal interview method. Total 120 Bt cotton growers and 20 dealers were selected as sample respondents for the study. The results showed that across the different Bt cotton seeds companies dealer's margin varied from 12 to 16%. Majority of Bt cotton dealers were associated with companies from 5 to 10 years. The majority of the dealers considered Bt cotton seeds quality as a most important factor for selling Bt cotton seeds, followed by brand image, demand and price. Bt cotton seed dealer`s major expectations from the seed companies were reported as higher margin, high yielding varieties and farmer satisfaction. The Bt cotton seed dealers faced major constraint i.e., lack of awareness of use of seed by farmer followed by competition among dealers. It was also observed that highest market share i.e., 54.17% was captured by Rasi seeds Pvt. Ltd. followed by Ankur seeds Pvt. Ltd. (49.17%), Western Agri seeds Ltd. (45.00%). The findings of study inferred that Rasi Seeds Pvt. Ltd. was ranked first in Bt cotton seed sold by the dealers followed by Ankur Seeds Pvt. Ltd., Western Agri Seeds Ltd., Akshay Seed Tech Company, and Utsav Seeds Pvt. Ltd. From the results it is suggested that companies should provide quality seed materials on time and in sufficient quantity at reasonable price. Companies should regularly review the margin as per market competitiveness. As well companies should invest more in research and development activities to develop new high yielding varieties. Companies in collaboration with government institutes (Research Station / SAUs) should provide better knowledge and awareness about uses of seed and improved farming techniques.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Laxmi Rani Dubeya, Uttamkumar C Sundesha, Mahin Sharifc, Umang B Patel. Dealers outlook and marketing status of Bt cotton seed companies in Banaskantha district. Pharma Innovation 2023;12(3):2321-2325.

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