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Vol. 12, Issue 3 (2023)

Survey on Socio-demographic profile of pet owners in Mizoram

Venkatesh K, Lallawmzuali Ralte, Devajani Deka, JK Chaudhary and Michael V Lalrinzuala
Mizoram is one of the North-eastern states of India and it stands in the 6th and 7th place in terms of pet dogs with 99.90% and stray dogs with 0.10% population, which is very less when compared to other states of India (20th Livestock census, 2019). The current study was conducted with the aim to determine the Socio-demographic profile among pet owners and the maintenance of pets in the Aizawl district, Mizoram. A cross-sectional study design and multistage sampling procedures were used. Face-to-face interviews were conducted with 800 pet (dog and cat) owners, using pretested and structured questionnaires. The questionnaire sought information on the socio-demographics of pet owners, their association with pets, and the maintenance of their pets. The frequency distributions of both dependent and independent variables were determined by using descriptive statistics (Frequencies and percentages). Out of the total (N=800) respondents, the majority of the respondents were; young age 61.50%, 53.88% were females, 40% were qualified graduates/above, 24.90% were housewives & retired people, 76.25% had kept a dog as their pet and 77.80% of them considered pets as their companion, 69.80% vaccinated their pet after attaining 3 months but 47.80% regularly vaccinated their pet every year.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Venkatesh K, Lallawmzuali Ralte, Devajani Deka, JK Chaudhary, Michael V Lalrinzuala. Survey on Socio-demographic profile of pet owners in Mizoram. Pharma Innovation 2023;12(3):1390-1393.

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