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Vol. 12, Issue 2 (2023)

Dystocia due to duplex cervix in an American pit bull

Babu M, Sahadev A, Renukaradhya GJ and Rashmi R
An American pit bull female dog aged one and half a year was presented with history being artificially bred 54 days back to the Department of Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Veterinary College, Hebbal, Bengaluru. Colposcopic examination by endoscope revealed mucoid brownish discharge from vagina for last three days and band like structure anterior to vestibule, dividing lumen of the vagina into two parts with palpable fetal parts cranial to dorso ventral band extended cranially up to uterus and appeared as a septum. The mammary glands were edematous with milk. Transabdominal ultrasonography revealed a 52±1 days old dead fetus as assessed by biparietal head diameter. A dead male fetus was delivered by laparo-hysterotomy under general anaesthesia and the surgical incision on the body of uterus confirmed the presence of duplex cervix.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Babu M, Sahadev A, Renukaradhya GJ, Rashmi R. Dystocia due to duplex cervix in an American pit bull. Pharma Innovation 2023;12(2):3157-3158.

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