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Vol. 12, Issue 2 (2023)

Canine aural haematoma: A review

M Vigneswari, S Tina Roshini, N Gurunathan and N Arul Jothi
Untreated aural haematoma may result in deformity of the ear pinna. Aural haematoma is treated either by surgical or by conservative treatment. Both techniques usually require several interventions and re-checks. Aural haematoma is categorized based on the severity of the condition and the management procedure engaged. The article reviews about the clinical signs, different surgical management, pathogenesis and complications/cosmetic outcomes.
Pages: 1221-1224  |  367 Views  279 Downloads

The Pharma Innovation Journal
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M Vigneswari, S Tina Roshini, N Gurunathan, N Arul Jothi. Canine aural haematoma: A review. Pharma Innovation 2023;12(2):1221-1224.

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