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Vol. 12, Issue 2 (2023)

Onset and withdrawal of the rainy season in the Sangli district (Maharashtra), India

Omkar D Rajmane, Sagar T Majik and Pranay A Sondawale
It is critical to comprehend the probability that the monsoon will start or end during a specific week. The risks associated with the crops and whether they are appropriate for sowing or planting must be understood. In order to choose the sowing date, crop pattern, plan for protective irrigation, and conduct intercultural operations, it is also crucial to be aware of the onset and withdrawal of the rainy season. From the analysis of weekly rainfall data, it was observed that the mean week of onset of monsoon varies between 25 to 30 MW i.e., 26 MW (i.e., 25 Jun–01 Jul) for Khanapur, Tasgaon and Walwa tehsils of Sangli district, 28 MW (i.e., 09 Jul–15 Jul) for Jat, Kavathemahankal and Palus tehsils, 27 MW (i.e., 02 Jul–08 Jul) for Kadegaon and Miraj tehsils and for Shirala and Atpadi tehsils 25 (i.e., 18 Jun–24 Jun) and 30 MW (i.e., 23 Jul–29 Jul) respectively. The mean week of withdrawal of monsoon was observed to be 43 MW (i.e., 22 Oct–28 Oct) for Jat, Khanapur, Shirala, Tasgaon and Walwa tehsils. 42 MW (i.e., 15 Oct–21 Oct) for Atpadi, Kavathemahankal and Miraj tehsils and 41 MW (i.e., 08 Oct–14 Oct) for Kadegaon and Palus tehsils respectively. Hence, the present study entitled, “Onset and withdrawal of the rainy season in the Sangli District (Maharashtra), India”.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Omkar D Rajmane, Sagar T Majik, Pranay A Sondawale. Onset and withdrawal of the rainy season in the Sangli district (Maharashtra), India. Pharma Innovation 2023;12(2):700-704.

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