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Vol. 12, Issue 2 (2023)

A comprehensive review on factors influencing snack consumption among the college students

Soumya Shubham and Yamee Shah
Snacking accounts for over one-third of an average person’s daily caloric intake in today’s culture, yet the majority of foods consumed as snacks are high in calories but low in nutrients. The emergence of new lifestyle trends has led to an increase in the demand for quick-service restaurant snacks, which is only expected to continue growing. This phenomenon is gaining tremendous momentum, particularly within the college student community. The purpose of the study was to examine the characteristics that influence the intake of healthy and unhealthy snacks among, college students. After the data was acquired from a variety of reliable sources such as Google Scholar, Research Gate, PubMed, Science Direct amongst others, it was examined and analyzed using various screening approaches. Following the investigation of a variety of reviews written by a large number of authors, it was discovered that there are many factors that influence the consumption of healthy and unhealthy snacks among college students. These factors include economic, physical, biological, psychological, and social factors. It was also shown that college students continue to choose unhealthy snacks over healthy snacks, despite being aware of the negative impacts of unhealthy snacks and the availability of information concerning those effects.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Soumya Shubham, Yamee Shah. A comprehensive review on factors influencing snack consumption among the college students. Pharma Innovation 2023;12(2):286-291. DOI: 10.22271/tpi.2023.v12.i2d.18443

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