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Vol. 12, Issue 2 (2023)

Trends and impact of agricultural production on population dynamics for selected crops in Assam

Smrita Barua, Supahi Mahanta, Borsha Neog and Ranjit Kr. Saud
Agriculture in Assam plays an important role for livelihood of the people residing in the State. Widespread practice of traditional farming techniques and correspondingly low usage of modern farm inputs, low levels and low growth in productivity and incomes in the sector, effects about 75 per cent of the state’s population directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture, while about 69 per cent of the workforce in the state is actually engaged in agricultural activities. So, to find out the impacts of the production of Selected crops on population growth, the trend of production of the Selected crops (Winter Rice, Summer Rice, Autumn Rice, Jute, Sugarcane, Potato, Rape and Mustard, Wheat, Matikalai) have been analysed by using Mann-Kendall test which confirmed an upward rising trend. Among the Selected crops production of winter rice is more followed by other crops. After the box plot technique have been used for outlier detection and have been removed the outliers from winter, summer, Autumn Rice and Sugarcane. Distplot and pair plot for normality checking and bivariate analysis have been used in this study. At the end Spearman’s correlation coefficient at 0.05 level of significance have been calculated which is again shown with a heatmap and then regression line is fitted after testing the assumptions.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Smrita Barua, Supahi Mahanta, Borsha Neog, Ranjit Kr. Saud. Trends and impact of agricultural production on population dynamics for selected crops in Assam. Pharma Innovation 2023;12(2):195-202. DOI: 10.22271/tpi.2023.v12.i2c.18435

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