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Vol. 12, Issue 1 (2023)

Rainfall and temperature characterisation of eastern Ghat highland zone of Odisha for potential cultivation of off-season vegetables

Prakruti Parichita, AKB Mohapatra, BS Rath, P Tripathy and A Nanda
The information on rainfall and temperature characterisation of a region is a significant tool in crop planning. In this study block wise rainfall and temperature data of 21years (2000-2020) of Eastern Ghat Highland Zone(EGHZ) covering Koraput & Nawarangpur districts of Odisha was used to characterize the agro climatology of this zone as well as delineating areas for potential off-season vegetable cultivation. The rainfall and temperature was analyzed using Weather Cock and TREND software. This study found that Mean annual rainfall of Eastern Ghat Highland Zone is 1597mm, with an average of 70 rainy days. CV of annual rainfall of different blocks varies between 17-50%. This zone receives 82% (Koraput) & 85% (Nawarangpur) of mean annual rainfall during SW monsoon. It was also observed that annual rainfall as well as south west monsoon rainfall in some of the blocks showing increasing whereas in some blocks decreasing trend. At 75% probability this zone received 1312 mm rainfall, which is a good amount of rainfall for crop production. The probability of consecutive wet for two weeks varied from 70% to 95% during SWM. Monsoon starts effectively from 22nd week (9th June to 15th June) in (EGHZ) and remain active up to 41st week (9th October to 13th October). LGP of the zone is ranging between 171-205 days in different blocks. Temperature analysis revealed that the mean annual maximum temperature of this zone was 31.4 oC and minimum temperature was 17.9 °C. Number of extreme hot days (≥40 oC) was highest (54days) in 2003 in Nawarangpur. In case of occurrence of cold days (≤10 oC), it was highest (25 days) in 2004 in Koraput. Farming situation I of Koraput district which includes Narayanpatna, Pottangi, Semiliguda, Laxmipur, Bandhugaon, Dasmanthpur, Lamtaput, Koraput and Nandapur were identified for off season vegetables like cole crops, kharif potato, beans etc cultivation. Therefore, using the above information obtained in the study, an attempt was made to prepare suitable vegetable based crop planning block level considering the soil characteristics, rainfall and temperature characteristics, yield economics and using efficient cropping zone concept.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Prakruti Parichita, AKB Mohapatra, BS Rath, P Tripathy, A Nanda. Rainfall and temperature characterisation of eastern Ghat highland zone of Odisha for potential cultivation of off-season vegetables. Pharma Innovation 2023;12(1):2703-2710.

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