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Vol. 12, Issue 1 (2023)

Repayment behaviour of crop loan borrowers of Sabarkantha District central Co-operative bank in Gujarat

Rahul Joshi, KP Thakar and Soumya C
Credit has an immense role in Indian economy and in the development of the country. Rural credit system plays an important role in the economic development of farmers because they have inadequate savings to finance farming and other economic activities. Since Independence, cooperative banks which work on cooperative principles have played an important role in the development of rural economy in India. For the study, primary data was collected from selected branches of Sabarkantha District Central Co-operative Bank and their borrowers of Aravalli district who obtained crop loan during the year 2018-19. The study revealed that the maximum number of borrowers, i.e. 59.00 per cent was found in the middle age group. Majority of the borrowers who borrowed credit for crop production was more related to the literate group and belonged to the medium size family. Study also revealed that majority of the borrowers have medium level of experience in the farming and belonged to the low-level income group. The study showed that higher numbers of borrowers, i.e., 35.83 per cent are semi - medium farmers and maximum number of the farmers borrowed less than ₹ 1, 00, 000 per farm. The study also reported that maximum numbers of borrowers, i.e., 54.17 per cent borrowers belonged to low amount borrowed category and were found to have to have medium level of cropping intensity in the farm. The study also showed that maximum number of borrowers, i.e. 44.17 per cent was found to have medium level of irrigation potential.
The land use pattern showed that while comparing operated area kharif crops were dominant. It was found out that the farmers have generated gross return of ₹ 2,36,426 per farm in production of maize, wheat and groundnut and the farmer (credit need) took loan with ₹ 1,03,034 per farm for the same purpose. After clearing the loan which indicates his credit worthiness the repayment capacity stood at ₹ 35,203.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Rahul Joshi, KP Thakar, Soumya C. Repayment behaviour of crop loan borrowers of Sabarkantha District central Co-operative bank in Gujarat. Pharma Innovation 2023;12(1):2637-2642.

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