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Vol. 12, Issue 1 (2023)

An IoT - based automated nutrient management in vertical hydroponics

Nandhini J, Jinu A and Sathian KK
Due to increasing population and urbanization, agricultural lands are converted into housing and industries. But the demand for fruits and vegetables are keep on increasing. Therefore, there is a need for a new agricultural model. Hydroponics is the science of growing plants using nutrient solution as media. In order to use a hydroponic system for indoor plantation, fluid parameters such as pH, Electrical Conductivity (EC) are to be monitored and controlled. This research was conducted to develop an automated nutrient monitoring and control system in vertical hydroponics. Mint was cultivated in the developed system. pH and EC of the nutrient solution were monitored and controlled automatically. The water use and nutrient use efficiency were found to be 43.46 kg/m³ & 2.83 kg/kg respectively. The results showed that the developed system was found to be efficient and can be used for the cultivation of high-value crops to get more profit.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Nandhini J, Jinu A, Sathian KK. An IoT - based automated nutrient management in vertical hydroponics. Pharma Innovation 2023;12(1):1954-1957.

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