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Vol. 12, Issue 1 (2023)

Studies on cost and returns of cocoon production in Solapur district of Maharashtra

NS Gaikwad, SS More and VG Jadhav
Sericulture is formed from the Greek word ‘sericos’, which means silk and the English word ‘culture’, meaning rearing. Sericulture is an agro-industry that produces silk as a by product. Silk is a fibrous protein generated by the silkworm in order to spin a cocoon. Silk has a natural sheen and an affinity for colours, as well as being light weight, soft to the touch and long lasting. Silk is known as the “Queen of Textile” because of its distinct features. India has the second position of the world largest producer after China. The result revealed from the study that, the gross return from per hectare mulberry garden estimated was Rs. 3,23,543.00 with cost of cultivation Rs. 1,90,596.09 In regard to cocoon production the gross return from 4.75 batches was Rs. 5,36,719.60 and from one batch it was Rs. 1,12,993.60. Total cost from 4.75 batches calculated was Rs. 2,69,312.19 on the other hand from one batch it was Rs. 56,697.31 Net profit obtained was Rs. 2,67,407.41 and Rs. 56,296.29 from 4.75 batches and one batch, respectively. The output - input ratio obtained was 1.99 whereas per Kg. cost of cocoon production obtained was 700.
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NS Gaikwad, SS More, VG Jadhav. Studies on cost and returns of cocoon production in Solapur district of Maharashtra. Pharma Innovation 2023;12(1):1268-1270.

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