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Vol. 11, Issue 5 (2022)

Evaluation of solar nipping tool in enhancing the efficiency and yield of chickpea

Prema B Patil, Vivek S Devarnavadgi and Shubha S
Chickpea is an important crop in the cropping pattern supplying cheap protein diet especially for poor people. The tender leaves are being consumed by the people in the form of a cooked vegetable. To improve the yield of chickpea, the tender leaves are nipped off after 45 days of sowing and this makes the plant bushy as it promotes the growth of lateral branches which helps to produce more pods and thus the yield. Front line demonstrations were carried out at Hadagali and Tajpur village, Vijayapur district, Karnataka to assess the effect of nipping technique in chickpea. A comparison was made between manual nipping and solar operated nipping cum foliage collector tool. It is concluded from the study that the drudgery of the farm women was reduced by using the solar nipping tool compared to manual nipping in nipping of chickpea. The nipping technique also enhanced the yield and net profit of the farmers.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Prema B Patil, Vivek S Devarnavadgi, Shubha S. Evaluation of solar nipping tool in enhancing the efficiency and yield of chickpea. Pharma Innovation 2022;11(5):2515-2517.
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