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Vol. 11, Issue 4 (2022)

A review on microparticles: Preparation techniques and evaluation

Sunita Thakur, Dr. RB Sharma and Twinkle Garg
There are various approaches in delivering a therapeutic substance to the target site in a sustained controlled release fashion. One such approach is using microspheres as carriers for drugs. The micro particles are physical approach to alter and improve the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics properties of various drugs. They have particles range between 0.1 and 100μm in size. A recent study showed that negative charged, immune-modifying and infused micro particles could have better therapeutic index and is used in diseases caused by inflammatory monocytes. Both natural and synthetic materials can be used for preparation of micro particles. Now days, micro particles are constituted from polymers, ceramic and glass. In comparison with liposome, micro particles are more stable in the biological environment. Micro particles can be designed as surface-linked targeting moiety. Therefore this system is used for targeted drug delivery. Micro particles are also used for controlled and long-term release. In micro particles, macromolecules are encapsulated inside a system to treat different diseased conditions such as ocular diseases, cancer, cardiac diseases, and inflammation. This review is concerned with micro particles as novel drug delivery system, its advantages, disadvantages and method of preparations, so that targeted, controlled and sustained release effect is achieved.
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Sunita Thakur, Dr. RB Sharma, Twinkle Garg. A review on microparticles: Preparation techniques and evaluation. Pharma Innovation 2022;11(4):837-840.
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