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Vol. 11, Issue 3 (2022)

Evaluation of orchid species from Mahabaleshwar plateau of western Ghat

DS Kadam, MA Sushir, VM Sali and DP Deshmukh
Western ghat region is well recognized biodiversity hot spot. Several orchid species exist in this region. The Orchidaceae family is diverse and widespread with colourful blooms that are often fragrant. It is also one of the largest family of the flowering plants. Orchid species in Mahabaleshwar plateau includes high altitude epiphytes as well as terrestrial (ground) orchids. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the vegetative and floral attributes of the orchid species from the Mahabaleshwar plateau of the western ghat. An orchid germplasm collection at Regional Wheat Rust Research Station, Mahabaleshwar was evaluated during the year 2019-20. Observations regarding vegetative and floral characters were recorded. Among the evaluated species Epidendrum radicans recorded maximum plant height, maximum number of leaves and highest spike length. More inter-nodal length was recorded in the species Dendrobium crepidatum. The species Eulophia herbacea, Spathoglottis plicata and Oberonia recurva do not possess internodes. The species Oberonia recurva recorded maximum number of flowers per spike. Orchids species in Mahabaleshwar plateau of the western ghats have diversity in their habitat adaptation along with vegetative and floral characters. It is necessary to conserve this orchid biodiversity. These orchids can play a vital role in uplifting the floriculture, herbal, pharmaceutical and tourism industry of the western ghat.
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DS Kadam, MA Sushir, VM Sali, DP Deshmukh. Evaluation of orchid species from Mahabaleshwar plateau of western Ghat. Pharma Innovation 2022;11(3):1975-1978.
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