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Vol. 11, Issue 2 (2022)

Performance and assessment of suitable container and growing media for double type tuberose genotype

SP Gaikwad, AA Bhagat, SD Gaikwad and VB Chormale
The experiment was laid out in Factorial Completely Block Design at AICRP on Floriculture, ZARS, Ganeshkhind, Pune during the year 2018-19. The double type tuberose genotype (GK-T-D-7) was used with two containers earthen and plastic pots while the four medias were used viz. soil, soil + FYM (1:1), Cocopeat and Cocopeat + FYM (1:1) with eight treatment combinations replicated thrice. Each treatment consisted of 15 pots and in each pot one bulb was planted.
The study revealed that growth parameters such as days for sprouting, plant height, number of leaves and spread of plant were found better in earthen pot than plastic pot in double type of tuberose genotype GK-T-D-7. Among the different media used for the growth of plants Cocopeat +FYM proved its superiority for most of the growth parameters. the treatment combination of earthen pot with media Cocopeat + FYM (C1M4) was performed best for various characters viz. plant height (61.05 cm), number of leaves (88.40), spread of plant (60.22 cm NS, 57.00 cm EW), flower stalk emergence (63.27 days), rachis length (25.90 cm), number of florets per spike (34.55), number of flower opened at a time (10.38). The treatment combination of soil + FYM in plastic pot (C2M2) recorded better performance for characters viz. maximum spike length (61.78 cm), longevity of flower stock (13.00 days).It is concluded that the overall performance of double type tuberose genotype GK-T-D-7 performed well in pot culture. Among the interaction between containers and media, the interaction Soil + FYM in plastic, Cocopeat + FYM in earthen pot and Cocopeat + FYM in plastic pot showed better performance during the study.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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SP Gaikwad, AA Bhagat, SD Gaikwad, VB Chormale. Performance and assessment of suitable container and growing media for double type tuberose genotype. Pharma Innovation 2022;11(2):296-299.

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