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Vol. 11, Issue 11 (2022)

Water quality monitoring using wireless sensor network technology

Diana Dhayal and Mukesh Kumar Choudhary
Modernization in major areas in the world and urban cities with concentrated human activity are responsible for severe water pollution, which is considered one of the major problems affecting the environment. Water quality describes the general composition of water with reference to its chemical, physical and biological properties. Water Quality Monitoring (WQM) typically involves monitoring fresh water sources such as rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, shallow or deep ground waters, and wells in order to ensure that the water source is providing safe water for drinking and irrigation purposes. The use of (Wireless Sensor Networks) WSNs for WQM is particularly appealing due to the low cost of the sensor nodes and hence the cost-effectiveness of this solution, the ability to acquire and process data at a number of distributed sampling points, and the ability to communicate the data using low-power wireless communication techniques, which enables decision makers to receive data from multiple remote sensor devices in a timely manner. The sensors are classified into single and multiple parameter sensors. Energy harvesting is an issue of key concern in the design of a WSN-based WQM system. There have been many advances in water quality monitoring over the years. Energy harvesting techniques that can support the sensor network to make it operational for longer periods of time should also be researched. Data processing and aggregation algorithms should be developed to ensure proper data management in the development of WSNs for WQM. Addressing these issues will enhance the overall performance and utility of WSN-based WQM systems.
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Diana Dhayal, Mukesh Kumar Choudhary. Water quality monitoring using wireless sensor network technology. Pharma Innovation 2022;11(11):17-21.
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