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Vol. 10, Issue 9 (2021)

Genetic characterization of Thermotolerant rice genotypes with allele coding at the seedling development stage

Bandi Arpitha Shankar and Srividhya Akkareddy
Rice is the most critical crop for food security on the planet. Heat is a major constraint on rice production. Industrialisation has had a significant impact on climate change, necessitating the development of more heat-resistant strains and methods for filtering a large number of genotypes for high temperature tolerance. The purpose of this article is to describe the process by which the Temperature Induction Response (TIR) method for identifying thermotolerant rice genotypes was standardized. Rice's phenotypic characteristics are determined using percentage germination, seedling development, and molecular analysis. Heat stress is applied to the plants via the TIR procedure, which involves adjusting the temperature in a TIR chamber to fatal (55 oC) and sub-lethal (38-55 oC) levels while varying the humidity. In response to elevated temperatures, 14 of the 74 genotypes tested exhibited thermal tolerance. Tolerant and susceptible genotypes were classified according to their survival percentages. The tolerant class is determined by comparing the growth and development of high-survival genotypes, as well as their shoot and root lengths, fresh and dry weights, to the heat tolerant controls N22, Dular, and Nipponbare. These genotypes may be used as donors in breeding efforts aimed at mitigating global warming, owing to their inherent heat tolerance. The molecular markers associated with the heat tolerant class via allele coding are extremely useful and may be used in marker-assisted breeding to enhance the heat tolerance of farmed cultivars.
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Bandi Arpitha Shankar, Srividhya Akkareddy. Genetic characterization of Thermotolerant rice genotypes with allele coding at the seedling development stage. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(9):53-64.
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