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Vol. 10, Issue 9 (2021)

Morpho-physiological study of rice (Oryza sativa L.) under moisture deficit conditions in Odisha

Rajkumari Bhola, Anita Mohapatra and Sushrismita Sahoo
Two sets of experiments were conducted, one in the laboratory and the other infield during Rabi season 2011 & 2012-13 with five rice varieties viz. Mandakini, Sahabhagi Dhan, Parijat, Annada & Anjali in Chiplima farm to assess the efficiency and efficacy of moisture stress for their relative tolerance. Laboratory studies under simulated moisture stress conditions indicated that germination decreased with a decrease in water potential of the germinating medium irrespective of the varieties. There was a severe failure in germination beyond -0.6MPa. Anjali exhibited better performance and better germination parameters indicating tolerance to moisture stress. The field studies took 35 treatments laid out in split-plot design with three replications with seven combinations of drought stress comprising stress at three different stages of crop growth, i.e., tillering, panicle initiation, and flowering. It was observed that a significant reduction in plant height, tiller number/ hill, and leaf area responded to moisture stress. The tolerant variety Anjali exhibited a minor decrease due to the impact of moisture stress. Similarly, the accumulation of the biomass decrease in response to moisture stress. The decline was more pronounced in the case of Parijat compared to Anjali.
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Rajkumari Bhola, Anita Mohapatra, Sushrismita Sahoo. Morpho-physiological study of rice (Oryza sativa L.) under moisture deficit conditions in Odisha. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(9):1919-1924.
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