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Vol. 10, Issue 9 (2021)

Sensory analysis of probiotic functional kulfi by using Indian blackberry (Syzygium cumini L.)

Souvik Tewari, John David and Ankita Gautam
Kulfi is defined as an indigenous product which resembles ice-cream or milk ice. Kulfi is the foremost Indian frozen desert which helps to develop small scale industry and generate sizeable employment and income. It’s origin is uncertain, but it could have become widely used only after artificial ice became available. Kulfi is a nut ice-cream, frozen in small containers of conical shape. Sweetened milk, containing 20-25 percent added sugar is concentrated to about half of its volume and malai, crushed almonds, pistachio and flavouring materials such as vanilla and essence of rose are added after cooling. The present study was made with an attempt to develop a probiotic functional kulfi by using Indian blackberry (Syzygium cumini L.). Studied for its sensory properties such as color and appearance, flavour and taste, consistency and over all acceptability by trained panelist using 9 point hedonic scale. In the present investigation treatment K0 is the control kulfi that doesn’t contain any probiotic culture and powder of Indian blackberry and treatments Ka to Kr are the experimental kulfi which contain various proportion of sugar (10%, 15% and 20%), Indian blackberry powder (2%, 4% and 6%) and probiotic culture (1%., Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidus). After sensory evaluation it was found that among all treatments Kk scored higher in sensory evaluation and was considered as optimized product. The overall acceptability score of this treatment Kr was (8.80) as compared to control K0 (7.02).
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Souvik Tewari, John David, Ankita Gautam. Sensory analysis of probiotic functional kulfi by using Indian blackberry (Syzygium cumini L.). Pharma Innovation 2021;10(9):1421-1426. DOI: 10.22271/tpi.2021.v10.i9q.7784
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