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Vol. 10, Issue 9 (2021)

Standardization of blended wine from diluted juice of banana and kokum

Madhu D Nevase, CD Pawar, MH Khanvilkar, JJ Kadam and MC Kasture
The experiment, was laid out in completely randomized design with six treatments of blending dilution juice of banana and kokum and four replications. In case of chemical composition of banana and kokum natural juice, the banana juice (fine pulp) recorded highest percentage of T.S.S., reducing sugars, total sugars with high pH and lower percentage of titratable acidity as compared to kokum juice. Kokum juice recorded 3731` mg/ 100g anthocyanin content. The must was prepared by diluting the blended juice in 1:0.5 proportion and T.S.S. was adjusted to 240Brix without adjusting pH. The titratable acidity of must was increased from T1 to T6 and pH showed decreasing trend. At the end of fermentation minimum T.S.S. was recorded by T2 and T5 followed by T1 and T3. The pH showed decreasing trend from T1 to T6 at the end of fermentation. Yeast count increased drastically on first day and maximum was recorded by T1 followed by T2 and T3. Wine recovery increased from T1 to T6. In case of chemical composition of wine treatment T4 recorded minimum T.S.S. at par with T3. Treatment T2 recorded minimum reducing and total sugars. The titaratable acidity and anthocyanin content increased from T1 and T6, whereas pH showed reverse trend. Highest alcohol percentage was recorded by treatment T2 followed by T3. Treatment T3 recorded highest average sensory score followed by T2. Maximum B:C ratio was recorded by treatment T3 followed by T2. Hence, among different treatments under study treatment T3 (80% banana juice + 20% kokum juice) was found to be best followed by T2 (90% banana juice + 10% kokum juice).
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Madhu D Nevase, CD Pawar, MH Khanvilkar, JJ Kadam, MC Kasture. Standardization of blended wine from diluted juice of banana and kokum. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(9):1342-1347.
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