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Vol. 10, Issue 8 (2021)

Foam mat drying of papaya and guava pulp

Shivani, Chahat Thakur, Anil Kumar Verma and Preeti Chaudhary
The study was carried out for utilization of papaya and guava fruits pulp for preparation of foam mat dried fruit powder. The conversion of fruit pulp into foam was optimized by whipping the pulp after addition of carboxy-methyl-cellulose (CMC) and drying the resultant foam in dehydrator (60±5 °C) to constant moisture content. Drying of fruits pulp foam by using 3% CMC were found the most appropriate with respect to desired foaming properties (foam density, foam expansion and foam stability), drying time and powder yield. With the increase in the foaming agent concentration, the foam density decreases significantly however, the percentage of foam expansion was increased and foam stability were more stable. Thus, the papaya and guava fruit pulp can be utilized for preparation of self-stable powder using foam mat drying technique for further preparation of value-added products.
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Shivani, Chahat Thakur, Anil Kumar Verma, Preeti Chaudhary. Foam mat drying of papaya and guava pulp. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(8):78-82.
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