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Vol. 10, Issue 8 (2021)

Standardization protocol of DNA isolation from Beta vulgaris

Suhas B Jadhav and Shruti Sunil Jadhav
Beet is an important vegetable which is commonly used in the world. Beet is also known as red beet or garden beet. A simple and efficient protocol for isolating genomic DNA from fresh rhizome of Beta vulgari was developed. Three extraction buffers were tested for CTAB method of DNA isolation from rhizome slice of Beta vulgaris. Modified CTAB procedure using extraction buffer 3% CTAB, 1% β-mercaptoethanol, 1.4 M NaCl and 2% PVP. The quantity and purity of isolated DNA was higher when extraction buffer 3 was used in CTAB method compared with other two extraction buffer. Amplified product were obtained when isolated DNA was screened with four RAPD primer.
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Suhas B Jadhav, Shruti Sunil Jadhav. Standardization protocol of DNA isolation from Beta vulgaris. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(8):31-33.
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