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Vol. 10, Issue 8 (2021)

A review on effects of chemical fertilizers and organic manures on soil fertility

BS Irfan, Yuvraj Kasal and D Manideep Chowdary
In this world need for good nutritional food demand is increasing day by day. But it is not possible for many farmers to grow crops without using any chemical fertilizers as, they increases the crop yield with the application of other chemicals. To grow healthy crops it is necessary to reduce the dependency on using chemical fertilizers and other chemicals on crops. Instead of using these chemical fertilizers, now it is time to grow crops using organic manures, so that soil fertility also maintains its stability and also nutritional food is available. But it is not possible to completely use organic manures in agriculture, as we don’t see the increase in yield which previously expected. But with the help of using both methods means, using chemical fertilizers along with organic manures we can get good quality and good quantity of yield without disturbing the soil fertility and its physico-chemical properties
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BS Irfan, Yuvraj Kasal, D Manideep Chowdary. A review on effects of chemical fertilizers and organic manures on soil fertility. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(8):504-507.
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