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Vol. 10, Issue 8 (2021)

Clonal propagation in horticultural crops

Mishael R Marak and Rajkumari Asha Devi
In recent years, the extensive study on clonal propagation, a kind of micro-propagation, has proved to show exemplary results in benefits of crop production. This can be observed in an array of fields ranging from agronomy to horticulture to forestry. Clonal propagation has shown to be of marvellous use in cases where shortage of resources is dealt with. It is a type of asexual reproduction in which genetically similar copies of a cultivar are multiplied. Through clonal propagation, it can thus be concluded that a hassle-free method of in vitro micro-propagation of specific clones can be derived. This in turn gives rise to the production of pathogen-free plants, seeds for hybrid production and germplasm preservation. Thus, the process of this method of propagation can be of substantial use in the field of horticulture which may also develop the need for lesser use of the synthetics in on-field practices of cultivation which can help us combat the present day struggle with detrimental soil pollution caused by agricultural cultivation methods.
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Mishael R Marak, Rajkumari Asha Devi. Clonal propagation in horticultural crops. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(8):496-499.

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