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Vol. 10, Issue 8 (2021)

Development and sensory evaluation of tamarind leaf based chocolate for nutrient enrichment

B Harshitha, Janaki Srinath Puskuri, T Supraja, G Swarupa Rani and N Balakrishna
Focusing on the problems of seasonal availability, quality and storage of leafy greens, dehydration has become the most used way of preservation. Confectionery has always been very popular industry and chocolate occupies major share in the market and happens to be an all time favourite for all age groups. Tamarind leaves are underutilized green leafy vegetables being rich sources of β carotene, minerals and fiber although used in cuisine seasonally. Because of increasing trend in the consumption of nutritious novel products an attempt was made to incorporate the Dehydrated tamarind leaves powder into the chocolate variants of Light, Dark, and Light, dark combination of 1:1 at 5%, 10% and 15% incorporation. Among all the developed chocolates, the 5% dehydrated tamarind leaf powder incorporation made with Light Dark compound combination (1;1) chocolate was the most acceptable with highest mean scores for majority attributes like Color, Glossy, Surface, Sweet, Flavour, Odour, Texture, Structure, Firmness, Break, Melting quality, Grainy, Astringency and Overall acceptance when compared with the other incorporations. The nutrient analysis of the most acceptable chocolate revealed that it had 1.33% of moisture, 3.56% of ash, 5.79% of protein, 26.64% of Fat, 2.06% of Crude fiber, 71.21% of Carbohydrates, 505.5 K cal of Energy and showed significant difference from the respective control chocolate. Addition of dehydrated tamarind leaf at 5% concentration has enriched the chocolate confectionery item with key nutrients such as fibre, ash, carbohydrates substantially and mildly increased protein, Fat and energy. Dehydrated Tamarind leaf incorporation into acceptable chocolates can pave way for value addition of under utilized abundantly available, traditionally consumed commonly available green leaves and help in nutrient enrichment of a confectionary item popular in vulnerable groups such as school age children and adolescent girls and boys.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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B Harshitha, Janaki Srinath Puskuri, T Supraja, G Swarupa Rani, N Balakrishna. Development and sensory evaluation of tamarind leaf based chocolate for nutrient enrichment. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(8):320-326.
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