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Vol. 10, Issue 7 (2021)

Survey of Begomovirus affecting cucurbits in Bihar

Ranveer Kumar, Srinivasaraghavan A and Jaya Bharti
A total of 39 locations were surveyed to know the status of begomovirus like symptoms in different cucurbits growing area of Bihar. The locations were selected in 13 districts in such a way that it covers all the agroclimatic zone of Bihar. The observed disease severity and incidence were found to be moderate to severe at different locations. The average disease incidence was found to be maximum in Banka (60.55%) followed by Kishanganj (59.60%). The lowest average disease incidence was found under Nawada (41.50%) followed by Nalanda (43.20%), similarly the maximum disease severity was of 42.30 per cent was recorded in Nawada with disease severity followed by of Madhubani (38.75%). Whereas the average minimum disease severity percent was found in Nalanda (24.20%) followed by Gopalganj (25.50%) and Vaishali (25.70%). Among these districts, the highest average incidence was found under Zone II (59.05%) followed by Zone IIIA (57.28%) and Zone I (51.16%) and least was at Zone IIIB (49.74%) likewise across different zones of Bihar, the maximum average disease severity was seen under Zone IIIA (36.06%) followed by Zone I (32.38%) and minimum was under Zone IIIB with 29.56 per cent severity. All the isolate further processed and cloned with the degenerative primer of begomovirus and found to be positive to the CP Deng and specific ToLCNDV.
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Ranveer Kumar, Srinivasaraghavan A, Jaya Bharti. Survey of Begomovirus affecting cucurbits in Bihar. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(7):1735-1743.

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