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Vol. 10, Issue 7 (2021)

Integrated nutrient management in sorghum: A review

Mandapati Narendra Varma and Jnana Bharati Palai
Sorghum is major millet of India also coming under coarse cereal group. It is also used as fodder for the animals. Sorghum is a exhaustive crop and uptakes more nutrients from the soil. Supplement of recommended dose of fertilizers only through inorganic sources deteriorates soil health, induces environmental pollution and also increases the cost of production. Application of only organic sources to meet the demand of plant nutrient is also difficult because a huge amount of organic manure is required, which will be not available. So, the concept of integrated nutrient management (INM) in sorghum will be suitable in every aspect. INM includes judicious application of organic, inorganic, biofertilizer to crop for achieving optimum yield without harming ecosystem. INM improves the factors like water holding capacity, soil fertility and microbial population etc. INM increases the grain quality, stover yield, NPK uptake, yield, soil fertility, B: C ratio, net returns of sorghum.
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Mandapati Narendra Varma, Jnana Bharati Palai. Integrated nutrient management in sorghum: A review. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(7):1285-1288.
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