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Vol. 10, Issue 7 (2021)

Chemical and functional evaluation of Burma black rice based instant beverage Mix (BBIBM)

Vishakha Singh, Mamoni Das and Dibyakanta Seth
The present investigation was undertaken to develop Burma black rice Based Instant Beverage Mix (BBIBM)using Burma black rice (Oryza sativa L. indica), lentil (Lens culinaris), sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) and mulberry (Morus nigra) flour, and evaluated its chemical and functional properties. Developed Burma black rice based instant beverage mix had a moisture content of 10.25g/100gat par with the permissible limit recommended by Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2011,the crude protein content of 14.34±0.08g/100gm, crude fat content of 3.10±0.2 g/100gm, crude fibre content of 11.34±0.22 g/100gm, total mineral content of 2.43±0.02 g/100gm, total carbohydrate content of 58.54±1.33 g/100gm and energy value of 319.42 ±0.9kcal at par with commercially available health drink powder (56g/100g of carbohydrate and 335kcal of energy). It has good functional properties with water holding capacity of 63±2.3%water/100g,bulk density of 0.67±0.07g/cm3,tapped density of 0.81±0.01g/cm3,flowabilityof 17.28±1.2% at par with Carr’s compressibility index (16-20%), cohesiveness of 1.2±0.1 at par with Husnar ratio (1.19 to 1.25), dispersibility of 62.71±1.82%, Hygroscopicity of 66.46±1.42%, viscosity of 5.75±0.46cP and wettability of 55.00± 2.83 sec. The developed Burma black rice based instant beverage mixis rich in nutrient and had excellent functional characteristics indicating a quality product for consumer acceptability.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Vishakha Singh, Mamoni Das, Dibyakanta Seth. Chemical and functional evaluation of Burma black rice based instant beverage Mix (BBIBM). Pharma Innovation 2021;10(7):931-937.

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