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Vol. 10, Issue 6 (2021)

Microbial study on Masala Khara-Spicy chilly powder

Afreenkousar A Yaligar, Sarojani J Karakannavar and JS Hilli
The present investigation was carried out to study the effect of preservatives and packaging on the shelf life of masala Khara. Masala Khara recipe from Vijayapur district, stored in two different packaging materials High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE 10 x 21cm) and Metalized polyethylene (10 x 16 cm) using two preservatives for up to six months. The preservatives used were Sodium Benzoate and ascorbic acid. They were stored for six months and after every fifteen days interval, analyzed microbial load. Total bacterial count, fungal count, yeast count in masala Khara were significantly lowered in metalized packaging compared to HDPE packaging. A similar trend was seen with the addition of preservative Sodium Benzoate significantly lowered microbial count when compared with Ascorbic Acid. Hygienic indicator E-coli was not detected in samples throughout the storage period. Thus masala Khara can be stored for up to six months without any undesirable change.
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Afreenkousar A Yaligar, Sarojani J Karakannavar, JS Hilli. Microbial study on Masala Khara-Spicy chilly powder. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(6):1290-1292.
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