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Vol. 10, Issue 6 (2021)

Ultrastructural studies on the isthmus and uterus of oviduct in emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae)

Raghu Naik, Santhi Lakshmi, Pramod Kumar and KBP Raghavender
The Ultrastructure of isthmus and uterus was studied in eight adult apparently healthy emu birds. The mucosa of isthmus contained large flat and broad mucosal fold. The surface epithelium was pseudostratified columnar ciliated, which contained three types of cells viz., ciliated and non ciliated columnar cells and goblet cells. Clusters of mitochondria were observed around the roots of the cilia. The apical material was bulged into the lumen of the isthmus and gave bleb appearance. The secretary acini were lined with pyramidal cells with spherical nuclei at basal portion of cytoplasm, containing electron dense secretary granules. The mucosa of uterus contained leaf like longitudinal folds, which were compact and tortuous and separated by deep narrow clefts. The mucosal surface was lined by ciliated cells with several openings of the tubular glands opening on to the surface in between and some of these openings contained secretary substances. The surface epithelium was pseudo stratified columnar ciliated epithelium with ciliated, non-ciliated, basal and goblet cells. The ciliated cells presented well developed cilia intermingled with microvilli on their apical surfaces. The tubular glands were lined by pyramidal shaped cells with numerous microvilli on their luminal surface.
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Raghu Naik, Santhi Lakshmi, Pramod Kumar, KBP Raghavender. Ultrastructural studies on the isthmus and uterus of oviduct in emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae). Pharma Innovation 2021;10(6):869-871.
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