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Vol. 10, Issue 6 (2021)

Review on consumer awareness and health benefits about millets

N Prathyusha, V Vijaya Lakshmi and T Manasa
Millet plays a major key role in the traditional diets of numerous regions all over the country. Millet contains superior nutritive values and they could be easily cultivated in areas where water is inadequate. Millets have high amounts of photochemicals, however, the types and amount present vary greatly between and within different species. Few, evidences presenting that many health‐promoting factors like anti-obesity, cardiovascular disease and anti-diabetic properties improves through millet foods and beverages. However, direct evidence of health‐enhancing effects are lacking as most studies have been carried out on the grains and their extracts and not particularly on food and beverage products, and the present research work has been conducted on nutritional composition of millets. The current review is to collect the available information from existing literature either offline or online related to the consumer awareness and health benefiting properties of millet and trying to present the collected data in an easily-documented pattern. Due to the high nutritional profile of millets, the Nutritionist/ Dieticians must make an effort to encourage the millet consumption among public.
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N Prathyusha, V Vijaya Lakshmi, T Manasa. Review on consumer awareness and health benefits about millets. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(6):777-785.
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