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Vol. 10, Issue 6 (2021)

Nutritional status of women patients suffering from coronary artery disease in a cardiology institute of Bangalore

Deshpande B, Mushtari Begum J and Ramadevi G
The nutritional status of twenty women in patients suffering from coronary artery disease patients in Sri Jayadeva Institute of cardiology, Bangalore was assessed. A pretested interview schedule was used to collect necessary information. Anthropometric measures were assessed by standard procedures (Jelliffe, 1991) and related indices were calculated (W/H ratio, BMI).Hemoglobin and lipid levels were analysed by standard laboratory techniques. The survey revealed that the age ranged from 40-65 years. Most of them were illiterates and from low income group. Having composition of >3 members. Monthly expenditure on fruits, vegetables, milk and pulses was meager (25%) compared to flesh foods. High prevalence of paternal family history for diabetes mellitus (82%) followed by hypertension 9755) was observed. Dietary pattern of 2-3 meals per day was observed comprising mostly of rice/ chapathi/ ragiball with less amount of vegetables adjuncts. Consumption of fruits and vegetables was very less. Mean weight, height and BMI of the subjects were 58 Kgs,151 cms and 25.1 respectively.38% subjects had WHR (Waist to Hip Circumference ratio) of 0.80 to0.85 and 52% had arrange of 0.85 to 0.99. About 5% subjects were severely anemic and 30% were in borderline risk of moderate anemia. The mean food intake was lesser than suggested amount except for roots, tubers and sugar & jaggery. The percent adequacy of fat was 183% where as it was <100% for energy and protein. The mean triglyceride and VLDL values are higher compared to total cholesterol and LDL values. Lower HDL levels were observed which is one of the risk factor for CAD can be attributed to the less intake of fruits and vegetables. The TC: Hdl proportions also higher than 5 which is an indicator of malnutrition negatively affecting the health status of subjects studied. As per angiogram reports 20% patients were reported to have 90-100% blocks and advised bypass surgery.
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Deshpande B, Mushtari Begum J, Ramadevi G. Nutritional status of women patients suffering from coronary artery disease in a cardiology institute of Bangalore. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(6):738-740.
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