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Vol. 10, Issue 6 (2021)

Impact of nanofertilizers on growth and yield parameters of rice crop; A Review

Jayanti Yomso and Dr. Sandeep Menon
In the present review paper, we assessed the utilization of nanotechnology-based items and its application in rice crop. Several researchers acknowledgment that traditional cultivating practices does not have the option to build any further productivity nor stop environmental problems due to this technology has cleared the pathway to utilization of nanotechnology in farming. Nanofertilizer alters the accessibility of nutrients by controlling the amount and quality which results in improvement of the nutritive quality of plants. Published written works with respect to the potential of nanofertilizer in upgrading these properties are uncommon. Therefore, this review is intended to clarify the conceivable impact of the utilization of nanofertilizer in rice cultivar. The review likewise assessed the impact of nanofertilizer on the development and improvement of rice. With the rise in populace and lack of healthy nutrients and diminishing farming terrains for crop cultivation, a new invention technology like nanotechnology is an absolute necessity.
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Jayanti Yomso, Dr. Sandeep Menon. Impact of nanofertilizers on growth and yield parameters of rice crop; A Review. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(6):249-253.
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