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Vol. 10, Issue 5 (2021)

Study of genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance in chickpea

Neha and Shiva Nath
Pulses are dried edible seeds harvested from the pods of a variety of leguminace plant species. They are important for providing a balanced protein component in people's diets, as well as crop rotation, diversification, and productivity, as they increase soil fertility. Chickpea genetic improvement can be achieved through a comprehensive breeding program that presupposes precise information on the nature and magnitude of genetic variability present in the material. The investigation was undertaken with nineteen chickpea genotypes type (Four testers and fifteen lines) with two standard checks, which were initially screened for desired characters at student farms, ANDUAT, Narendra Nagar (Kumarganj), Ayodhya, U.P. The results indicated that the mean sum of squares (MSS) due to genotypes was found to be highly significant for all the characters under both E1 and E2 conditions. These results suggested the preponderance of sufficient genetic variability in the experimental material. In the present investigation both GCV and PCV estimates were found to be moderate for Plant height (cm), No. of primary branches per plant, No. of secondary branches per plant, and Harvest index in both environmental conditions. The little difference between PCV and GCV values in most of the traits indicated that the apparent variation was due to varieties but with insignificant influence of environment. High heritability and high genetic advance for the traits plant height (cm), No. of pods per pod, biological yield (g) and seed yield per plant (g) indicated the presence of additive genes in the trait and suggested reliable chickpea improvement through selection of the traits.
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Neha, Shiva Nath. Study of genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance in chickpea. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(5):1704-1706.
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