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Vol. 10, Issue 5 (2021)

Evaluation of ridge gourd hybrids for growth and yield

N Madhavi, L Naram Naidu, RVSK Reddy, K Uma Jyothi, D Ratna Babu and K Uma Krishna
A study was carried out to study the performance of fifteen hybrids developed from the six parents of ridge gourd viz., IC 398599, IC 308561, IC 523892, IC 539714, ArkaSumeet, ArkaSujat in comparison with a standard check (Chitra) for nine characters for over a period of three seasons viz., summer, kharif and rabi in 2018 at vegetable block, College of Horticulture, Venkataramannagudem, Dr. YSR Horticultural University. The cross, IC 523892 × ArkaSujat recorded longest vine while highest number of leaves was observed in IC 539714 × ArkaSumeet. Maximum number of branches and leaf area were recorded by the hybrids IC 398599 × IC 308561 and IC 308561 × ArkaSujat respectively. Maximum fruit length was recorded in IC 523892 × ArkaSumeet while fruit girth was noticed in IC 523892 × ArkaSumeet. The cross IC 523892 × ArkaSujat was observed to be superior for average fruit weight. Four among the fifteen crosses viz., IC 398599 × ArkaSumeet, IC 398599 × ArkaSujat, IC 523892 × ArkaSumeet and IC 523892 × ArkaSujat recorded superior performance in respect of most of the characters and have recorded significantly higher yield per plant than the standard check Chitra.
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N Madhavi, L Naram Naidu, RVSK Reddy, K Uma Jyothi, D Ratna Babu, K Uma Krishna. Evaluation of ridge gourd hybrids for growth and yield. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(5):1385-1388.
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