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Vol. 10, Issue 5 (2021)

Utilization of citrus processing waste: A review

Elvis Babybrother Varmie and Mamta Thakur
This review is strictly focusing on how remains or waste from citrus can be properly utilize rather than just discarding it. Citrus is one fruit that has been well known and is still known around the world for it enormous health promoting benefits and contains a huge quantities of by product that is a good sources of hemicellulose, essential oil, cellulose, and soluble sugars. When citrus remains or residue are properly utilize, it can be used as food for some animals and even be used as an organic matter in improving soil content. When citrus waste are properly utilize, it can serve as a potential and promising uses in places like food industry especially for the production of dietary fibre, pectin and as well in pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries (flavouring agent, flavonoids extraction and citric acid) because there are high added value of compound that can be obtain or recovered from citrus processing waste with potential and Promising uses. Disposing of citrus processing waste may equally have a constraint both on environmental and economic factors because they may as well contains a higher level of essential oils and higher water content. Utilization of citrus processing waste can equally help to generate essential oil extraction, hydrogen syngas, production of bio-oil and charcoal etc. Through the adsorption technique, pulp produce from citrus is capable of serving as an effective agent for removing chemicals and metals in an effluent generated by-industries. However, proper utilization of citrus process waste may contribute to a potentially sustainable development and an unexploited resource (s). The utilization of citrus processing waste will be discussed in details below.
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Elvis Babybrother Varmie, Mamta Thakur. Utilization of citrus processing waste: A review. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(5):682-697.
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