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Vol. 10, Issue 5 (2021)

Assessment of risk factors for incidence of canine mammary tumors

C Gowtham Varma, A Teja and K Lavanya
A clinical study was carried out on 20 female canine patients who were attended at the Surgery Service of the Veterinary Hospital of the SVVU (Visakhapatnam), during a period of 6 months. This study aims to assess the risk factors relating to the incidence of mammary tumor in canine by taking some signalments into consideration viz., age, breed, sex, general body condition etc. Clinical observations like nature of growth, Glands affected and number of glands affected was also considered. Purebred dogs were more likely than mixed breed dogs to suffer from mammary tumors, with these tumors being more frequently malignant. It was also found that large-sized patients show a greater predisposition to malignant mammary tumors. The crux of the case study is, the dogs fed on homemade food are more prone to the mammary tumors than those fed with commercial pet foods. In patients with tumors, age at diagnosis was significantly associated with a higher malignancy rate. Mammary tumors represent the most frequently diagnosed neoplasia in female dogs.
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C Gowtham Varma, A Teja, K Lavanya. Assessment of risk factors for incidence of canine mammary tumors. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(5):554-556.
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