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Vol. 10, Issue 3 (2021)

Impact of climate change on fruit production and various approaches to mitigate these impacts

Ritik Chawla, Ankush Sheokand, Mohit Roop Rai and Ramesh Kumar Sadawarti
Climate change and agriculture are interrelated in a number of ways as climate change is the main cause of abiotic and biotic stresses which have harmful effects on the agriculture. Raising temperatures, drought or water stress, changing climate zones, rainfall, insect- pest outbreaks etc are the major consequences of climate change. The impact of climate change on fruit crops is likely to be more detrimental as compared to field crops as the adaptation capacity of shorter duration crops is generally greater than perennials. Climate change affects fruit crops in their different phases of growth and development such as fruit sunburn, inadequate pollination, delayed ripening, reduced color development, low sugar content, poor fruit quality and fruit set, low fruit yield, reduced panicle emergence. Heterozygosity nature of most of the fruit trees leads in high genotype and environment interaction (G×E). So, the effect of temperature in every single crop is different. Since fruit trees are perennial in nature mitigation measures after the orchard development are difficult to implement. Therefore, by adopting the new technologies, by managing the existing technologies properly or variety selection which suits to climate change are only the key measures to overcome these effects on fruit production. In this review paper we will discuss about the impacts of climate change and various strategies to overcome these effects.
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Ritik Chawla, Ankush Sheokand, Mohit Roop Rai, Ramesh Kumar Sadawarti. Impact of climate change on fruit production and various approaches to mitigate these impacts. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(3):564-571.
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