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Vol. 10, Issue 3 (2021)

Preparation of carbonated lemon whey beverage

VC Kedaree, SD Nalkar and AS Gholap
The present study entitled “Preparation of carbonated lemon whey beverage” was carried out using different levels of lemon and sugar with a view to optimize the process for its manufacture and to study its chemical, sensory and microbiological qualities. Initially the preliminary trials were conducted by blending of different levels of lemon @ 4, 4.5, 5, and 5.5% in the lemon whey beverage with 8, 10, 12% sugar to finalize the experimental treatments. Experimental lemon whey beverage samples were analyzed for sensory, chemical and microbiological qualities.
It was observed that lemon whey beverage samples under different treatments showed significant differences for total solid, fat, protein, acidity, ash and moisture. The values were ranged from 5.73 to 6.29, 0.52 to 0.57, 0.52 to 0.53, and 0.79 to 0.87%, 0.39 to 0.41% and 93.71 to 94.27 respectively. Fat, total solid, protein, ash, acidity and moisture contents differed non-significantly among the different types of lemon whey beverage with lemon and sugar. Significant difference was observed within the smell and taste score and the consistency of different types of lemon whey beverage. In case of sensory evaluation, colour and appearance, consistency, overall acceptability found to be significant over the other treatments. The microbial results indicate that the standard plate count of lemon whey beverage was within the acceptable limit upto 7th day. The coliform count was not detected upto 15th days. It is concluded that addition of lemon and sugar @ 5.5 and 12 per cent, respectively, could be successfully utilized for the preparation of carbonated lemon whey beverage which improved its sensory, microbial and physiochemical characteristics.
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VC Kedaree, SD Nalkar, AS Gholap. Preparation of carbonated lemon whey beverage. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(3):290-293.
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