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Vol. 10, Issue 2 (2021)

Nutritional Evaluation of Milky Mushroom (calocybe indica) grown on different substrates

Surya Bala Yadav, RP Singh, PK Shukla and RN Kewat
Milky mushroom (Calocybe indica) is a potential new species to the world mushroom growers. This species is suitable for hot humid Climate and can be cultivated indoor at high temperature and high humid areas. Milky mushroom is gaining popularity among the edible mushroom because of its white attractive robust sporocaps highest ptotein content long self life and taste. This variety of mushroom can be cultivated easily at home without much expenditure. The different substrates were tested along and in combination with spent wheat straw (SWS) to determine the effect of substrates nutritional level on the nutritive value of fruiting bodies produced. Mushroom have attracted to attention of human from very ancient times and the use of mushroom is an old as human civilization. Mature fruit bodies are C. Indica contains high protein content (19.72%) it has 12 amino acids. Out of all amino acids glycine is predomiment and the essential acids like tryptophan, methionine and Lysine conteut in dry weight baris are 0.92, 0.93 and 7.86 (mg/ 100g protein).
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Surya Bala Yadav, RP Singh, PK Shukla, RN Kewat. Nutritional Evaluation of Milky Mushroom (calocybe indica) grown on different substrates. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(2):706-709.
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