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Vol. 10, Issue 2 (2021)

Effect of different substrates on the growth and yield of milky mushroom (Calocybe indica P & C)

Surya Bala Yadav, RP Singh, Pratibha Singh and PK Shukla
Milky mushroom (Calocybe indica) is one of the most potential species of mushroom, being cultivated in tropical and subtropical parts of India. It’s high productivity, beautiful shape and colour, pleasant flavour and good shelf life are the major characters responsible to establish it among the mushroom growers and consumer. At present it is mostly being cultivated on wheat straw, however, like other mushroom, it can also be grown on other substrates. Keeping in view the economic of production different substrates were tested along and in combination with spent straw (SWS). Observation on time of taken for spawn run indicated that there was not much difference among the substrates; it look 20-30 days. Extent of spawn run varied greatly among the substances and it was highest in wheat straw (WS, 98.38) followed by sugarcane bagasse (Scb, 97.75), Scb + SWS 96.75, paddy straw (Pds, 95.5), PdS + SWS 94.5, WS + SWS 92.5, mustard straw + SWS (MS + SWS 73.75, MS 15.5, pigeonpea straw + SWS (PgS + SWS 10.0), and PgS 4.8 respectively. No difference was observed in time taken for pinhead initiation after casing. Effect of different substrates on length, average weight and number of fruiting bodies was mostly observed significantly. Highest yield of fruiting bodies was recorded in wheat straw followed by Scb, Scb + SWS, PdS, PdS + SWS, WS + SWS, MS + SWS, MS, PgS, SWS and PgS respectively. All the substrates were found productive upto varying degree of extent except pigeonpea straw. Usefulness of SWS was also proving in combination with different substrates.
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Surya Bala Yadav, RP Singh, Pratibha Singh, PK Shukla. Effect of different substrates on the growth and yield of milky mushroom (Calocybe indica P & C). Pharma Innovation 2021;10(2):701-705.
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