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Vol. 10, Issue 2 (2021)

Studies on host preference of selected pulses to pulse beetle during storage

AD Falke, SK Patil and MM Sonkamble
The present investigation was conducted on host preference in storage pulse beetle (Callosobruchus chinensis Linnaeus) under “Free choice” and “No choice” test during Kharif 2019-20. Results revealed that combination of several seed characters such as seed coat colour, size, volume, length and breadth, hardness of seed and hundred seed weight have been responsible for biology of pulse beetle to selected crops. In “free choice” test, rice weevil adults oriented towards small size seed of moth bean which was recorded highest seed damage (87.35%) and it was less in black gram (41.50%). Similar results on host preference of bruchids population builds-up, seed damage and seed weight loss also recorded in no choice test over a periof of 120 days in “No choice” test. However, the susceptibility of different crops to pulse beetle weevil on the basis of adults population built-up, per cent seed damage and seed weight loss in descending order was moth bean (224.50, 76.33 and 40.67) > green gram (206.92, 71.25 and 30.75) > cowpea (202.83, 70.17 and 26.26) > pigeonpea (197.08, 63.58 and 24.61) > chickpea (189.58, 62.58 and 21.95) > and blackgram (182.00, 45.58 and 19.11), respectively.
Amongst the seeds, there was no any strong relationship recorded with pulse beetle population with seed characters and soybean was free from attack of bruchids. In free choice test, adult orientation was observed highly positive correlation with per cent seed damage(r=883**). In no choice test, In case of no choice test, population build-up of pulse beetles was highly significant and positively correlated with seed infestation (r= 0.972**) and seed weight loss (r= 0.913**) and also seed infestation has highly significant and positively correlated with seed weight loss (r= 0.941**). It was showed that softer the seed the attack of pulse beetle leads to more seed damage and weight loss.
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AD Falke, SK Patil, MM Sonkamble. Studies on host preference of selected pulses to pulse beetle during storage. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(2):322-327.
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