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Vol. 10, Issue 2 (2021)

Effect of Nutritional intervention in ameliorating Anemia among adolescent girls of rural Telangana state

R Arunjyothi and Dr. Afifa Jahan
The prevalence of anemia in Telangana state is very high. Adolescence age (10-19) years are considered most vulnerable age to anemia. The reasons are because of increased iron requirements related to rapid growth and menstrual loss which severely impairs the physical and mental development. During problem identification survey in the village, adolescents highlighted fatigue, body pains and weakness as the general prevailing problems among them.
The aim of the Present study was to assess the impact of intervention on anemia and diet pattern of adolescents in different Telangana zones. Purposive method was followed and 30 adolesent girls. 15 from southern Telangana zone (Nagarkurnool district) other 15 from central Telangan zone. Adolescent girls were tested for Hb levels and once ascertained with low Hb levels intervention programme as frontline demonstration was proposed. Sample comprised from low socio economic group working as seasonal agricultural labors involved in crop harvest activities. Pre intervention the samples were well informed and ethical committee consent was taken before the blood test. Hemoglobin meter was used by trained auxiliary midwifery in examining the Hb levels.
Diet Patten was assessed by food consumption format and one day recall method. Intervention of finger millet/ Ragi laddu of 65gm each @ 2 per day for a period of 12 week is provided to the sample. Nutrition education programme on importance of balance diet, and low cost recipes demonstration was also include in the intervention programme. Post intervention assessment was done in the same manner as pre intervention.
Post intervention analysis revealed a difference of 1 gm/dl improvement of Hb levels among adolescent. With the Improvement in the Hb levels majority of the sample slide from moderate anemic to mild anemic. One day recall method at pre intervention revealed that 21% of the adolescents consumed only 2 meals a day while 79% of them consumed 3 meals a day and all of them had tea twice a day.
The diet pattern at post intervention observed an increase in the portion and frequency of food consumption and also included snack items made of whole grams and millets at low cost which was missing earlier in their diet. Improvement in the Hb levels clearly indicated the positive effect of nutritional intervention. Apart from the supplementary nutrition, nutrition education programme and demonstration of low-cost nutritive diet might have created awareness among the group in enriching their diet pattern. This clearly indicates the low awareness level of the house holders on importance of nutrition and portion consumption as main cause for their poor health status.
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R Arunjyothi, Dr. Afifa Jahan. Effect of Nutritional intervention in ameliorating Anemia among adolescent girls of rural Telangana state. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(2):185-188. DOI: 10.22271/tpi.2021.v10.i2c.5651
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